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Gautier, United States

Age: 26

Goals: Close more deals

As the CEO of a dealership and the DDP Academy, my days are packed with client meetings and calls. I already consider my self a high-performer but I'm always looking for ways to take it to the next-level: get more clients, close more deals, help more people.

After doing tons of research on Nootropics, I was looking for the best of the best and decided on Rocket Focus since it has the most trademarked ingredients.

Working and training at least 6 days per week, usually being up at 4:00am and hitting the gym by 5am, not a day goes by where I don't take it.

Nowadays I skip the coffee because I don't need it. Unlike caffeine alone, Rocket Focus doesn't drain your brain, it fuels it. I've even started sharing it with my students as the secret to my high-performance habits.

I love the product guys, thanks Rocket Focus!


Tabitha, United States

Age: 21

Goals: Improve study sessions

As a student pursuing a masters degree while working a full-time job, I have a lot to do.

Like a lot of people, distractions from my phone and busy life make it hard to focus on school work in the few crucial hours I have left in the day. I was drawn to Rocket Focus because energy drinks and stimulants are no good and ingredients wise Rocket Focus is the cleanest way to get similar results.

What I love about Rocket Focus is the feeling smooth focus and clarity. When I take it I just feel sharper than I normally do.

On top of that, I actually feel like I'm upgrading my brain in the process. Even on the days I haven't taken it, study sessions are easier and my motivation to get work done has improved.



Ryan, Australia

Age: 30

Goals: Stay focused on busy days

The busier my life gets, the harder it's been to finish one task to completion before getting interrupted and jumping to the next.

Rocket Focus has helped me stay concentrated, present, and energized enough to get through my days without feeling overwhelmed.

Overall this is an fantastic product and I'll definitely be buying again.




Morgan, United States

Age: 23

Goals: Lasting focus

As the founder of multiple software companies I need to stay engaged and on-task all day. In my downtime I like to play poker, and when the stakes are high, I need to stay focused and able to read my opponents — that's where Rocket Focus comes in.

The difference when I take Rocket Focus is noticeable and shown in my results at the table. It helps me stay focused for longer and makes late nights easier.

Plus, as a fan of nootropics I know the list of ingredients in Rocket Focus is no joke. This is what makes it far superior to the competition.


Devon, United States

Age: 28

Goals: Get through long work hours

Building a production company, while working and going to school isn't easy. I saw Rocket Focus in an ad and bought a mini bottle on a whim hoping to help me increase my energy and productivity.

After a week I can say that it's helped immensely. I feel great, have more energy than before and highly recommend to anyone that is on the fence about buying.

* Disclaimer: All testimonials displayed on this website are 100% genuine. Rocket Focus results will vary on an individual basis as it's intended for use in conjunction with a healthy diet and adequate sleep.

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