20 Research-Backed Nootropics


Rocket Focus® is a nutrient-dense formulation of some of the world’s most renowned ingredients for brain health and performance. It is the first brain performance supplement specifically developed to meet the unique needs of high-performers.

Each veggie capsule contains a combination of caffeine, plant-based extracts, non-essential amino acids, and other nutrients. It's 6 trademarked ingredients provide a boost unrivaled by other products. This is a game changer.


It also delivers beneficial effects on the brain, including enhanced concentration and focus, improved memory, and improved endurance during times of stress and fatigue.


On those long days when you feel like you've hit a wall, 20 carefully chosen plant and herb extracts help you stay focused and push through.

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Rhodiola Rosea L-Tyrosine
Bacopa Monnieri Panax Ginseng
Citicoline Mucuna Pruriens
Caffeine + Pterostilbene Ginkgo Biloba
Phosphatidylserine Black Pepper Extract
Huperzine A B Vitamins
Rhodiola Rosea L-Tyrosine Bacopa Monnieri Panax Ginseng Cognizin® Mucuna Pruriens
Caffeine + Pterostilbene Ginkgo Biloba Phosphatidylserine Black Pepper Extract Huperzine A B Vitamins


Nature meets modern extraction methods in the 1st brain booster
developed to help you sustain top-notch brain performance everyday.



We only use ingredients backed by a significant body of ever-developing research. Our in-house scientists sorted through hundreds of studies, and the most relevant of them are listed below. Our production facility is one of the most advanced in the United States and is regularly rated by health authorities as fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Every product is created according to extremely strict criteria for identity, purity and potency, making sure they meet what their label claims and are free of contaminants.

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